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Toshiba America Information Systems Product Listing

Toshiba America’s Imaging Systems Division is the premier supplier of high quality video cameras for machine vision, R&D and scientific applications. Advanced video imaging technology and high resolution cameras such as Toshiba’s 3CCD color cameras and their remote head camera family has earned Toshiba America’s Imaging Systems Division the distinctive reputation for offering the most advanced imaging solutions to the industrial and scientific communities.

Model Type Description
IK-HR2D HD Camera 1/3" CMOS HD Camera With USB2 Port
IK-HD1 HD Camera 1/3" CCD 1080i Camera Head
IK-HR1D HD Camera True 1080p One-Piece CMOS High Def Camera
IK-HR1H HD Camera Ultra Small HD 1080i/1080p/720p CMOS Remote Head Camera
IK-HR1S HD Camera One-Piece 1080i/720p High Definition Camera
IK-M44 Series Lipstick Camera IK-C44H, IK-M44H, IK-UM44H
IK-TF2 3 Chip Camera 3 CCD Micro Prism System Camera
IK-TF5 3 Chip Camera Progressive Scan Three Chip Color Camera
IK-TF5C 3 Chip Camera Camera Link™ version of Popular IK-TF5.
IK-TF7 3 Chip Camera Progressive scan 1024 x 768 resolution with removable IR filter feature
IK-TF7C 3 Chip Camera Camera Link™ version of IK-TF7.
IK-TF9C 3 Chip Camera 3-mega pixel color camera
IK-TF5H Remote Head 3 Chip
IK-TF5U Remote Head 3 Chip
IK-TF7H Remote Head 3 Chip
IK-TF7U Remote Head 3 Chip
IK-TF9H Remote Head 3 Chip
IK-TF9U Remote Head 3 Chip

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